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IT Staff Augmentation Services

A correctly sized team is critical to the success of any project, and as projects mature and move into new stages, it may become vital to attract fresh expertise. Our IT staffing services provide your team with the agility, business acumen, and flexibility required to scale quickly and complete development on time.

We, your Elongated Staff, work with your local team, attend daily meetings, and report to your management, providing your company with a distinct competitive advantage.

We provide IT staffing services for a wide range of projects. Whether simple or complex: from system maintenance to full-scale development of desktop, mobile, or web apps.

By utilising Zetawiz’s extended staff services, our clients may swiftly and cost-effectively increase the size and productivity of their internal development teams. Working with one of our dedicated software engineers is the ideal method to swiftly construct a team of Top Notch Tech Professionals who easily integrate with your present process. We are incredibly qualified, creative, experienced, and strategically placed in the United Kingdom, the United States, and India.

Use our IT staff augmentation services to gain access to competent IT specialists such as qualified business analysts, software developers, Scrum Masters, and quality assurance specialists. Zetawiz can help you scale up on demand with the right pool of competent workers without going over budget.

We have specialists from a variety of IT professionals available to meet your specific project requirements.

Our Offering

Flexible and Agile Team

Flexible and Agile Team

We will quickly and efficiently deploy a temporary workforce for your essential assignments based on the particular talent requirements.

On-Board Assistance

On-Board Assistance

Our expert HR team will handle the onboarding process for new hires and will also assist with the transfer.

Recruitment Management

Recruitment Management

We will handle all aspects of HR Management for your organization, including on-demand recruiting, profiling, selection, introductions, and more.

Committed On-Demand

A Committed On-Demand

We provide our clients with the resources they require to discover talented, competent, and experienced on-demand workers in order to accomplish the assignment on time.

Contracts and OKRs

Contracts and OKRs

We assist our clients in developing and implementing NDAs, OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), and work contracts for selected personnel.

Payment by usage Model

Payment-by-usage Model

We supply our clients with contractual, on-demand labor who are paid based on projects or hours worked.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

No Recruitment Hassles

Our IT augmentation services relieve your firm of the burden of finding and hiring validated development expertise. We handle the screening and provide you acceptable CVs.

Lower Operational Costs

Eliminate the price of office space, equipment, and taxes to reduce your company's spending. Pay for what adds the most value to your business.

Fewer Legal Hassles

We remain the formal employers of your hires as part of our IT augmentation services. All legal responsibilities and documentation are handled by our organization.

Access to Vetted Talent

Zetawiz Technology provides you with rapid access to a large talent pool at a low cost. Add qualified software expertise to your team.

Aggressive Deadlines

When working under a tight deadline, increase your technical capacity. Our development team is committed to completing the project on time.

Full Control

We invite you to handpick your team members and engage in the screening process. Manage your project's success and stay up to date on all developments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This business technique enables companies to stay up with changing market conditions and fill skill shortfalls. Unlike traditional recruiting, augmented teams allow businesses to remain flexible while decreasing operating costs. In addition, business owners have greater influence over new personnel that join their on-site team.
This recruiting technique is common among all firms that want temporary workers to fill short-term job roles within their organization. Because of the global IT talent scarcity, the most sought assignment for augmented teams is custom software development.
With augmented teams, you hire additional IT resources while maintaining direct control over your team. As a result, you are not sharing the risks of a possible poor consequence. The outsourcing concept entails assigning outsourced developers to a specified output while sharing the risks with your outsourcing vendor. Outsourcing also results in a decreased level of control.